Hinduism Ancient Historical “Prachin Shri Hanuman Temple” Located Near Court Sonepat

Prachin Shri Hanuman Temple of Soneapt Near Court


India is world famous for ancient historical & religious tourism destination. Sonepat which is a small district located approximately 40 kms from Delhi is so beautiful. Here are many historical places to must see.“Prachin Hauman Mandir { Old Hanuman Temple}” is one of most famous Oldest Hindu Temple. This temple is dedicated to God Hanuman Ji who is 11th Rudra Avatar of God Shiva ; it means he is none other than lord shiva himself in form of monkey god. This oldest temple is located in Ashok Vihar near court Sonipat. Continue reading “Hinduism Ancient Historical “Prachin Shri Hanuman Temple” Located Near Court Sonepat”

Hinduism Divine Place Maa BhadraKali Temple NehruPlace Delhi

Delhi Ancient Historical Tourism Destination



According to Hinduism Mahakali Temple of Nehru Place Delhi which is closer to  Bhairav Temple is one of most important temple dedicated to goddess Kalika. Maa Kali is well known as MahaKali, Maa ShamshanKali & Kalika etc. She is the supreme goddess of Time & Death. Mahakali in Sanskrit is etymologically the feminized variant of Mahakala or Great Time, an epithet of the god Shiva in Hinduism. Mahakali is the form of Adi parashakti, who is beyond time and space. Kali is the force of anger of Adi parashakti and therefore her color is black. She is the greatest aspect of Kali whom many Hindus hold as a Divine Mother. Continue reading “Hinduism Divine Place Maa BhadraKali Temple NehruPlace Delhi”

Outdoor Travel Guide Exploring North Indian City Kurushetra

Travel Guide About Dharmakshetra Kurukshetra


Kurushetra is a most famous beautiful ancient historical north indian city which is very well known as Dharmakshetra. This city is world famous due to great epic Mahabharata War,the origin city of Shrimad Bhagavadgita. This city named after King Kuru, the ancestor of Kauravas and Pandavas. This land belongs to great epic Mahabharat. Millions of Peoples died here at the time of Mahabharat War which was held in Dawapar Era. This disrict is approximately 160Kms from Delhi. The town of Kurukshetra, a sacred place for the Hindus, is the administrative headquarters of this district. The district occupies an area of 1530.00 km². Continue reading “Outdoor Travel Guide Exploring North Indian City Kurushetra”